Sorority Noise are set to release their latest full length LP – You Are Not As ____ As You Think – on March 17th through Triple Crown Records.

If there’s anything Sorority Noise excel at, it’s their unabashed willingness to touch on subjects that others spend their entire careers attempting to avoid. No one wants to talk about mental health issues, despite the fact that they are prevalent in almost all of our lives in one respect or another. But Sorority Noise don’t shy away from the topics that tear at your heart, making you feel heavy, and suffocating you. They tackle them head on, and, as a result, make these issues less taboo. This is something that I have always admired about them, and if the first single – No Halo – is anything to go by, their latest release will likely achieve a similar result.

No Halo was released over night, along with the launch of the pre-order for the new record – complete with track listing. Like many of the band’s previous material, the track touches on the death of loved ones, and the self-reflection that lead singer, Cam Boucher, often faces in the wake of these tragedies. It’s a painfully personal insight into his inner monologue, and a perfect depiction of how you might take someone for granted. The verses are soft and sad, leading into an intense chorus that sets us up for a bridge that incites a sense of guilty relief.

“This song is about having a friend pass away and still keeping them fondly in your mind to the point where you show up to their house forgetting that they’re no longer there. It’s about struggling to keep up with the people you love when you’re away and how to be/how it feels to not be there for them when they need you most.”

Often bands leave their best tracks for the release of the album, but I’m struggling to see how Sorority Noise may have written anything more powerful than No Halo. Sonically and lyrically it appeals to every sense, every nerve, and every emotion. I have yet to be disappointed by a single song that this band has released since 2014 (that’s two full lengths, an EP, and a split EP), and No Halo has left me positive that the rest of the album will take the band to a whole new level of great. The band has come a long way since their first full length, Forgettable, and I am excited to see how they continue to grow.

You can pre-order You Are Not As ____ As You Think from the Australian outlet here.

Check out the rest of Sorority Noise’s music on Bandcamp.

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