Kiwi artists Earth Tiger have just released the music video for latest single Slide to the Left – taken from their October release, Holiday. The track itself encompasses the band’s sound exquisitely, combining all aspects of their unique 90s/00s hip-hop sound with a vibe that makes you feel as though you’ve been thrown straight into the middle a Japanese video game, and reminding me a little of Gorillaz, back in the Demon Days era. It’s catchy, but not in a way that might cause you to want to throw your radio out of the window after hearing it on The Edge for the 12,00th time that day. More in a way that would get you off your bar stool in the club so you can slide to the left with the rest of the drunken/high-on-life patrons, grinning wildly as you do so.

The video – kindly funded by NZ On Air – reflects this perfectly, with the viewers following an interesting bionic robot character on his journey through urban Japan, running into beautiful women and angry policemen as it goes. Despite being a fairly under the radar band (although I don’t see this being the case for long), the incredible detail and professionalism that Earth Tiger have put into both the track and its video clip shadow that of internationally renowned artists. Filmed entirely on location, it is this attention to detail and perfectionism that will take Earth Tiger extremely far in this industry.

Holiday is an album born out of friendship and a mutual love for millennial hip-hop. It was recorded in various locations across the East Coast of Australia, with just the band’s friend, Alex Wildwood, working as their producer, until they finally settled in Byron Bay in order to put the record together. In direct contrast to their exotic writing and recording process, Holiday was mixed and mastered right here in Tauranga, New Zealand. The quality of every track leaves you wondering how anyone could ever need more than four contributors on any one album. These guys are only ever going to improve and I’m so excited to see where it leads them.

While I implore you to take time out of your day to get to know their music, I would sincerely advise against Googling Earth Tiger, since they share their name with a pretty gross tarantula. Instead, I recommend checking them out on SoundCloud or streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

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