Puscifer, if you try to find the meaning of the name, there isn’t one. But if you dig deeper you’ll find it’s a side project for Tool and A Perfect circle front man Maynard James Keenan. 

The completely independent band played Auckland’s Vector Arena, Sunday night. Playing what could simply be described as a unique rock sound, that’s somehow both typically rock sounding and completely out of this world.

Opening for the band wasn’t a band, but instead a group of Mexican wrestlers, going by the name Luchafer. Incorporating the Mexican wrestling culture with comedy to give a different and unique aspect for what was to come.

Two screens lit up on either side of the stage, showing Keenan dressed in the uniform of an army general, telling the audience that no cameras were to be used during the performance. This was backed up during the show when I noticed security telling people who were taking pictures to put always their phones.

The show was spilt into different segments, each of which was filled with a performance from Luchafer. A completely new and unique way of performing a show.

Keenan stayed away from the spotlight during most of the show, a typical thing done during most of his performances to keep the rest of the attention on the band. Even when he stopped three songs in to tell the crowd, “I had a hip replacement three years ago, yet I’m still standing”, in order to get audience to stand, he stayed away from the lime light.

Some songs were played exactly as they sound on their albums, but some were creatively re-arranged, the top songs that stood out were Vagina Mine, The Remedy and Man Overboard. 

A fantastic and mind blowing performance from the band and wrestlers was so brilliantly delivered it left me feeling like I’ll never see a stage show like it again.

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