Linkin Park have announced that the latest addition to their discography will be released on May 19th.

One More Light will be their 7th studio album, and the first full length release since 2014’s Hunting Party, but in terms of sound, it’s a far cry from the Linkin Park of the past.

The first single, Heavy, has been described as perfectly encompassing the entire album, and though we might have been hoping for more nu-metal/rock goodness. Linkin Park have gone pop. To say it’s a bad song would be unfair, it’s actually quite catchy, and if your music taste is eclectic and you can remain open minded, you might find yourself bopping along as I did when I first heard the very un-heavy track.

The song features Kiiara, a singer-songwriter who has released a number of tracks that sound very similar to Heavy. Her voice is certainly a welcome addition, and while she may have struggled to fit into material from Hybrid Theory, or Meteora, in this case she doesn’t sound at all out of place.

It would be easy to cast this new sound aside, but I think for a band that has been together for as long as LP have (coming up to, like, twenty one years), it gets to a point where reinvention is necessary to keep things alive. I remember there being plenty of complaints with the release of Minutes to Midnight in 2007, and yet it’s turned into what might be one of my favourite albums of all time. If they’d spent the past 20+ years releasing carbon copies of Hybrid Theory, everyone would be whining about how they’re unoriginal, or uncreative, and yet when they offer something new, there are complaints about that, too. For me, it’s commendable to take this risk, knowing that many of their fans have been around since the early days and are loyal rock lovers – and I think despite the initial backlash, this move will pay off.

Earlier today, the Grammy award winning band took part in a live Facebook stream where they performed the new track, and answered some fan questions – the video is still available to view, and if you want to get some clarity on the extremity of this sonic change, you can watch it back here.

Pre-orders are available now, through all major streaming services.

You can order physical copies, including bundles, here.


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