As if we weren’t still jamming to last year’s release, Blink-182 have decided that they’re not quite done with this era of music, and are releasing a deluxe version of California, out May 19th.

The latest version of the album will contain more new songs than you will find on most full albums these days, adding 11 brand new tracks as well as an acoustic version of Bored to Death (um, yes) to the Grammy nominated record.

“We just felt like making more music so we jumped back in the studio. It started out as 3 or 4 songs but we ended up with 12 that we were all excited about.”
– Travis Barker

Based on the first of these 11 songs to be released, Parking Lot, Matt Skiba (previously of Alkaline Trio) will be playing an even more prominent role in the band from now on and it will certainly be interesting to hear the new ways in which voice will be implemented into the rest of these new tracks. I’m hopeful that he will be utilised even more than in the standard edition, continuing to add mature goodness to the band’s sound, while lyrically staying the same, dumb band that we fell in love with as kids.

California was one of my favourite records of last year, and I’m beyond stoked that we’re being given a zillion more tracks that follow a similar direction to those on the standard edition. The surprise is a welcome one, especially since the chances of Blink ever making it to New Zealand are slim to none following Travis’ traumatising plane crash in 2008, causing an understandably severe aversion to flying. We have to make the most of what we can get, since the musical droughts are long and painful, and these new additions will be a welcome downpour.


Pre-order California (Deluxe) here.


Bored to Death
She’s Out of Her Mind
Los Angeles
Built This Pool
No Future
Home is Such a Lonely Place
Kings of the Weekend
Teenage Satellites
Left Alone
Rabbit Hole
San Diego
The Only Thing That Matters
Brohemian Rhapsody


Parking Lot
Good Old Days
Don’t Mean Anything
Hey I’m Sorry
Last Train Home
Long Lost Feeling
Bottom of the Ocean
Can’t Get You More Pregnant
Bored to Death (Acoustic)

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