While the wait has been anything but short and patient, this is alleviating somewhat upon Damon Albarn’s announcement that he will be appearing on BBC Radio 1 tomorrow with new music in hand. Like the weirdos they are, they announced this in classic Gorillaz fashion:

After the release of Hallelujah, Money in January showing a new side of Gorillaz, fans have been speculating over what the new album will entail. The alleged track list (which can be seen here) was leaked earlier this week, detailing a number of surprising collaborators including Vince Staples, Zebra Katz, De La Soul and Grace Jones (!!!!).

It has been seven years since their last album, and the release of Hallelujah, Money has us expecting the new one to be politically-charged. All we know for sure is that the Gorillaz never do anything half-assed, and never do it without a bizarre and incredibly deliberate sense of style.

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