Yasmin and Marika decided to review the latest Fifty Shades movie. To put it briefly, their expectations were so low, they almost enjoyed it.

There’s a lot to say in this review but nothing with value (which reflects the movie). It’s all very funny though. Just like this movie was. Except this movie is not a comedy. Or is it? The makeup and underwear continuity errors and script leave that one to be debated.

To be fair, Yasmin and Marika did enjoy it more than the first one. This is is not saying a lot since Marika laughed so hard through the first one she couldn’t hear a lot of the dialogue. This has been confirmed to be a “good call in hindsight” despite paying a pricey $17 to laugh her arse off, which she does literally every day for free anyway. Yasmin is proud to announce that she didn’t pay a cent.

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