One of the best things about music is the joy of discovering a new band or song to obsess over. Songs You Should Know is a new segment where we look to do just that. We’ve tasked The Speakeasy team to dive into their record collections (or Spotify playlists to be more accurate) to uncover some of their favourite deep cuts, hidden gems, and songs about to blow up.

For a band that has already played Coachella, it’s surprising to find out that most Kiwi music connoisseurs are still yet to discover Strangers You Know.

The SoCal band, which has been active for a few years now, has an ever-evolving sound that sees them flirting with pop, folk, funk, and electronica – all while maintaining their fresh and authentic feel. Their 2014 song, “Smoke and Mirrors”, is by no means new, having been released as part of their first EP, Something to Someone, but the energetic and hook-laden track remains as infectious now as the day it was released. The song is quintessential indie pop and will be welcomed by fans of the likes of ‘Future Generations’, ‘The 1975’, and ‘Two Door Cinema Club’.

We hope you enjoyed the first installment of Songs You Should Know let us know what you think of the track, and other songs we should be featuring, in the comments section below.

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