Since the early 2000s, I’ve taken great joy in following the Gorillaz through a variety of media (albums, comics, music videos, social media stories, projections, and a rather special live show at Auckland’s Vector Arena).

As we anxiously await their forthcoming album Gorillaz album, Humanz, it looks like fans of the alt-rock experimentalists have plenty more to look forward to, too.

In an interview with Q Magazine, Jamie Hewlett, the illustrator half of Gorillaz, let slip that he’s currently working on, among other things, a 10-episode TV series about the band. While he didn’t state when and where the show might be broadcast, at least we can all take comfort in the fact that the show exists in some form.

This makes perfect sense as if there is any band whose visual ad lyrical content begs to be turned into a TV show, it’s Gorillaz, and now, it’s finally happening.

As of now, that’s about all we know, but the possibilities are endless because of the storied mythology the band has created for itself over the past sixteen years. For my money, Adult Swim seems like a pretty natural home for this sort of project, so we’re optimistic that this will actually come to fruition.

One note of caution – this isn’t the first time Hewlett and Gorillaz co-creator Damon Albarn tried to make an animated Gorillaz project, with Hewlett also revealing that a Gorillaz-based movie that was in production with DreamWorks never saw the light of day because “it was too dark to spend a couple of hundred million dollars on.”

Gorillaz have already released five songs from Humanz and performed the project in its entirety in a London show. The album comes out April 28.

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