It’s funny. At any other time of the year, Tuesday would never be considered a day for a night on the town, by any stretch of the imagination.

I would almost consider it almost a beauty of the NZ International Comedy Festival –  that any night of the week can be an eventful and entertaining one – and Donna BrookbanksCat-Lady-In-Waiting was an hour of comedy that could be the highlight of anyone’s night.

I often praise shows in their efforts to provide a unique Festival experience; this can be from the way that the room is set up, the content of the show, or even the way the comedian enters the stage, using this criteria I can say with utmost certainty that this show hit the mark – big time – with an entrance that even David Correos would be envious of.

The performance started from when we walked in, an were met by Brookbanks, cloaked and spinning a wheel, welcoming in audience members as a ‘ye olde spinster’, removing her cloak and kicking off the show once the audience was seated.

The show was a pleasing mix of stand-up and theatre, with mimed out interludes between traditionally performed stand-up material. In this, Brookbanks made the most of her impressive array of comedic skills, both spoken and physical comedy.

Brookbanks’ comedy comes from the experiences of a single women in her 30s and examining the various attitudes towards this. She examined this theme by through bringing to life various characters who are both impressively realistic and wildly eccentric at the same time, all the while engaging the audience with her quirky and upbeat style and delivery.

I would genuinely consider Cat -Lady-In-Waiting one of the hidden gems of the comedy festival, well worth a watch any day of the week.


What: Cat-Lady-In-Waiting

Who: Donna Brookbanks

When: 9 May – 13 May

Where: Basement Studio

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