Ashton Brown likes to offer audiences something a little different with his comedy. His new show, Ashton Brown is Anxious To Meet You, delivers a deeply personal and genuine account of his issues with anxiety, depression and addiction, taking us on an emotional journey that was as engaging as it was hilarious.

Our interview with Ashton covered everything from how comedians like to party, to the difficulties of being a storytelling comic, to talking about mental health, and what audiences can expect from his NZ International Comedy Festival show.

According to our own Oliver Smith, ‘Ashton Brown is Anxious to Meet You’ was a bold, brilliant, and inventive mix of stand-up and performance art. The use of a variety of media to share his deeply personal story elevated the show beyond what most people have come to expect from the Comedy Festival – both in terms of resonance and emotional impact. You can read the full review. If you’d prefer to see what six drunk friends thought about the show you can do so here.


What: Anxious To Meet You

Who: Ashton Brown

When: 19 May

Where: The Loft at Q Theatre

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