| Documentary | New Zealand | 2016 | 30 min | Nicholas Homler

Review by Glenn Blomfield

This movie takes a look into New Zealand’s Independently owned cinema theatres, a bygone era, still surviving in cities and small towns of New Zealand.

There is a nostalgic connection to this movie, as the world moves on, technology makes it easier to view films from home, via the internet, as in Netflix or local provider Quickflix.

Even the local video library store is disappearing. So what’s left for the future of Cinema? This interesting documentary explores what it means for Kiwis going to the cinema, a question that has prompted the making of this short film.

This quaint film is a love letter to local film theaters and will appeal to nostalgic lovers of local cinema. Is going to the cinema a lost cause? the film will shine hope that the ‘movie going’ experience is still alive in NZ. That feeling of treasured memories, sitting in darkened theatre and sharing an experience with other people.

These days, it’s all about selling the experience, boutique Cinema houses, with cafes, bars, are the main “bread & butter” of business, cinema seems to be the added bonus. I for one will always love the theatre going experience, it builds great memories and the added value cinema theatres can give over watching video content at home.

The Documentary is a sweet stroll down memory lane, it’s a nostalgic hope for future cinema theatres. Through the film you will visit theatres right through New Zealand, for example, Te Awamutu’s beautiful museum of a theatre, with its awesome collection of movie memorabilia, really captures for me what going to a cinema is all about.

Sometimes you can’t replace character, treasure, and escape, selling the in-house experience. There is even a visit to a cinema on Stewart Island. Go see this treasure of a film that will hopefully resurrect this timeless tradition.

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