As if Theia wasn’t enough of a bad-ass babe all on her own, joining her on her mini EP release tour are DJ Alisha, Arcee Rapper, DJ Mali and Missy G – making it a magnificent and powerful all-girl line-up across all 3 shows this July.

The shows will follow the release of Theia’s debut, self-titled EP on June 30th and are going to be one massive dance party that you really don’t want to miss out on.

The Neck of the Woods crowd in Auckland will be treated to support from DJ Alisha and Arcee Rapper. Both are highly experienced artists, with DJ Alisha being well-known among the Auckland club scene, and Arcee Rapper hailing from Manchester, England and bringing her own genre – piano rap – along with her.

In Wellington, Theia will be joined by DJ Mali who is no stranger to supporting great international acts such as Guilty Simpson and Black Milk across New Zealand over the past couple of years.

Finally, Theia’s hometown show will see support from Missy G who will be giving the crowd a electro, rock, funk, soul, hip-hop dub extraordinaire as she takes us on a ride through the different genres.

I know I’ve said it before, but I am really, super excited for these shows and to see where Theia takes us next with a magical talent that has her shining brighter than so many others in the electro-pop genre right now.

Get your tickets to the shows below!

Theia – EP Release Tour

Thursday July 6 – Neck of the Woods, Auckland
Tickets here.

Friday July 7 – Meow, Wellington
Tickets here.

Saturday July 8 – Blue Smoke, Christchurch
Tickets here.

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