Four years since Like Clockwork lit up every decrepit, angst-ridden flat on earth, musical rock veterans Queens of the Stone Age have announced a new album, titled Villains.

There are few details known about the new album, but what we do know is still shrouded in mystery – the most interesting of which is the creation of a new website, which can be perused here.

Featuring an interactive television that is stylistically very vintage, its creation is owed to the artist, Boneface, who is also credited for providing the sick artwork for Like Clockwork. The television has ten, staticky channels (that evoke memories of Poltergeist, honestly), one of which features studio footage and a glimpse into some intriguing lyrics, which, from a quick scan, read: your heart is like a fortress / keep your feelings locked away. Another channel features their announcement-slash-short-film, where Josh Homme answers questions about the album while hooked up to a polygraph, so hopefully the channels will reveal more information about Villains over time (a release date next, perhaps?).

Additionally, their new album is set to be produced by Mark Ronson, whose influence is yet to be determined…

You can check out the odd, funny little teaser video below, where we are introduced to their new project via snippet of a track titled, Feet Don’t Fail Me. We also find out that Michael isn’t Josh’s favourite band member, and for whatever mystery we must endure, QOTSA at least let us know that Villains is “honestly, the best album ever.”

Queens of the Stone Age are popping into Auckland mid-July for three sold-out shows – so if you were lucky enough to get a ticket, let us know how much your life changes after seeing them play No One Knows live. 

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