Hailing from frosty Dunedin, New Zealand, Kane Strang has produced distinctive, lo-fi sounds that have taken the form of his debut album, Blue Cheese, released on Flying Nun Records (home to other legends such as The Phoenix Foundation, Fazerdaze and Lawrence Arabia), and soon to be showcased in his upcoming album, Two Hearts and No Brain.

Preceding the release of this album, Strang has dropped his latest single – My Smile Is Extinct. The track is a fuzzy, guitar-soaked ballad that is complimented by the occasional acerbic lyric (yes she is the best I’ve ever had / I’ll say it to her face / I’ll say it to her dad…) before descending into more morose territory (I said kill me now / I want to die / I heard there’s a chance at an afterlife) – all the while carried by commanding and crisp melodies.

My Smile Is Extinct is an ode to alternative, indie rock, and the endearingly off-kilter voice of Strang is arguably coloured with nostalgic, romantic overtones. There is undoubtedly something special about Strang, who takes his small-town experiences with him on his newest album, while assuredly adding new quirks to the indie-pop void in New Zealand.

Keep an eye out for Two Hearts, No Brain, which is out on June 30th. In the meantime, pop onto his Soundcloud, and check out the all-new video for My Smile Is Extinct right here:





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