We at The Speakeasy have a slight obsession with Harry Potter. Just under a year ago, we threw ourselves a Harry Potter marathon in which we spent 22 hours in one room watching all 8 movies back-to-back with only alcohol, food, and the occasional game of Quidditch pong to stop us from going stir crazy. And honestly, even that didn’t really work.

But while I was very pleased to be kicking my Speakeasy pals out of my house at 5am the next morning, my love for the spectacled London boy has never waned, and my overly loyal Hufflepuff heart is very excited to be watching the Philosopher’s Stone (baby Neville 😍 amiright?!) accompanied by Auckland’s Philharmonia Orchestra this weekend.

The Auckland show – which is taking place at the newly renamed Spark Arena –  is the first of the two New Zealand shows, with the second show taking place at Horncastle Arena in Christchurch with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra on July 5th. The shows will no doubt bring in Potterheads from all over the two cities, and I for one am very much hoping to be surrounded by thousands of others that have grown up with this magical world, repping their Hogwarts houses as proudly as I will be.

With it being the 20th Anniversary of the publication of the first book of our beloved series this month, the concert couldn’t come at a more appropriate time, as it gives us the opportunity to delve into our nostalgia and relive the magic all over again… on a high definition, 40-foot screen.

Last minute tickets are available here, don’t miss out. It really will be glorious.

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