Prog rock act The Contortionist have released a new track “Absolve.” The song is the second piece of music we’ve heard from their new LP Clairvoyant.

“‘Absolve’ was one of the first songs written for Clairvoyant,” says guitarist Robby Baca. “We honestly didn’t know what to think of this track until nearing the end of our recording sessions, it became a favorite for everyone. The song represents a few sides of songwriting and the kind of mood that we wanted to explore. It is still a very unique track when listened to in context of the whole album.”

Musically the band have as much in common with the psychedelic experimentation of later Opeth or Tool and even the textured melodicism of Sigur Ros as they do technical heavy music, but impressively they’ve never sacrificed urgent impact.

In particular, I admire their intelligent approach to the crushing riffs of tech-metal, which becomes more vibrant with elements of ambitious post rock and jazzy / fusion-infused virtuosity. Even when angular riffs, odd time signatures, and devastating breakdowns give way to hypnotic, ethereal, and trance-like musical meditations, The Contortionist never lack in power.

If you like what you hear you might also want to check out “Reimagined”, the first single from Clairvoyant, which they released a month ago.

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