You know how before you do anything at all, you do an unnecessary amount of research beforehand? Like, you look up the website of the restaurant before you eat there, and read through the menu three times; or you social media stalk your Tinder date prior to meeting them? My point is that there’s no spontaneity in this day in age. Maybe you’ll get food poisoning. Maybe you’ll be murdered. Our generation just isn’t about surprises anymore.

Luckily, the Spotify ‘Discover’ page is full of surprises (was that too weird of a segue?). This is how I discovered The Creases, an alternative/indie band from Brisbane, Australia signed with Liberation Music AU. With a catalogue of 5 moody, garage rock numbers behind them compiled into an EP titled Gradient. The Creases are a trendy four-piece who have an impressive history behind them – they have supported Franz Ferdinand, Jake Bugg and The Jungle Giants; had a couple of tracks released through UK label Rough Trade and subsequently toured the UK and US; and have played at Splendour in the Grass and SXSW. And now, having just released their debut album entitled Tremelow, the band are bolder and brighter than ever with their 12-track musical compendium filled with instant classics.

Dominated by 90’s-inspired ballads, Tremelow is a courageous and authentic venture for the fairly young band. The opening track, Answer To, evokes an appropriate amount of nostalgia, relying on rolling electric guitar riffs and an endearing sense of upbeat romantic sensibilities (but to me, you’re the only one / moving fast / but I do, I hope it lasts). The jaunty, percussive Is It Love is followed by the anthemic At Last You Find, and one of the best tracks on the album – Asshole. Like the rest of the album, it is fairly reminiscent of 90’s Britpop and soaked in electric guitar, and it is a delightfully charming little number (despite what the name might suggest).

Another highlight on Tremelow is the very sweet and riffy Point, followed by the vibrant Do What U Wanna. The album’s closing track, Something’s Gotta Break, is a perfect summary of Tremelow; it’s filled with a loud, ecstatic melody and backed by triumphant horns, and a great way to end a relatively enthusiastic album.

Of the album’s solid set-up, these tracks in particular are evidence that The Creases have mastered their own take on indie pop, and with such fun and energetic songs, you can expect incredibly riotous live performances. Though they’ve just carved out their space in the indie hemisphere, The Creases undoubtedly have a very long and joyous future ahead of them.

The Creases will be embarking on their biggest tour yet, with a few nationwide shows booked for the next month. If you’re in Australia, you’ll be lucky enough to hear them play at several major cities and sick venues, and you can scout your tickets right here.

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