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With almost 2 million subscribers on YouTube and a heavy following across social media, its safe to say that Dodie is a well loved online creator. Her music has always been a big part of her YouTube channel and with her uke in hand she has quickly become one to watch.

Her latest release is a 6 song EP titled You which is an emotional journey from start to finish. She has you connecting to these songs in ways you can hardly explain. Her delicate voice also has such power in it that you find yourself entirely enraptured.

The first track In The Middle is a very fun and flirty song which was written about the idea of a threesome with her two exes. The song has an addicting beat, and you can’t help but ask yourself why it is you’re finding a song about a threesome so catchy.

Next comes the song 6/10 where Dodie showcases her fragile vocals as she sings about not feeling enough and being a burden. She captures feelings and emotions that we can all relate to.

This is followed by an instrumental piece inspired by her favourite film La La Land which includes soft piano, strings and a feeling of love and hope. Personally I don’t think a 6 song EP needs an instrumental piece but Dodie manages to make it work and it fits in well with the overall tone and flow of the EP.

The title track You is described by Dodie herself as “a jolly song about a painful breakup”. It’s one of those songs where you don’t realise how sad the lyrics are until you read into them. It was written about a guy she didn’t think she would fall in love with but did. Many of her fans have suggested it is about fellow YouTuber Jon Cozart.

One of Dodie’s best songs vocally, Secret For The Mad is a gorgeously written song about a close friend who went through some similar mental health issues to those she has dealt with. Dodie is a huge advocate for mental health and is very open about her personal experiences, hoping to have an impact and to help others. This song does a brilliant job of bringing out happy and sad emotions while still managing to get the strong message across.

Closing off the EP is Would You Be So Kind, an upbeat song driven by ukulele about having feelings for someone who doesn’t have the same feelings back and wanting there to be a spark there somewhere. Dodie has said that this song now means something completely different to when she wrote it, the themes of which are now disappointing to her, but it’s a fun song so she’s going to keep it that way. I personally think that this may be about Jon Cozart also.

In my opinion, the EP as a whole has no flaws. Her musicianship is well represented over 6 unique yet coherent songs which capture Dodie’s style and talents extremely well. She loves to pour her emotions into her music, which gives her a special connection to her listeners that will support her in all her future endeavours. I can’t pin point a certain genre to Dodie but I don’t think she needs one, if you generally love music then I think this will satisfy your music cravings and leave you listening on repeat and wanting more.

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