They say you learn something new every day, and today I have learnt that we should never, ever underestimate Taylor Swift.

I mean, I already knew that there is very little T Swizzle cannot do, but overshadowing the moon as it eclipses the sun was not something I thought possible of anyone. And yet here we are, in 2017 where, for a while there, #TS6ISCOMIMG (awkward typo included) took over as the worldwide trending Twitter hashtag.

As the moon and the sun were set to align, and as the light from the latter is blocked by the former, Taylor Swift created a blackout of her own. A social media blackout wherein each and every one of her social media accounts were wiped of posts, and her Facebook account was entirely recreated, taking her from over 70 million likes to zero in just a moment.

Today, though, as the real blackout occurred across the United States, Taylor returned with a cryptic post on all of her newly wiped social accounts. A post that on first glance might be an aeroplane or a stadium from a weird angle, or any number of senseless things but that on closer inspection is, in fact, a snake.

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If you haven’t been living under a popular culture rock for the past however many months/years/whatever, you will know that following the infamous (pun intended) West/Swift feud, haters of Tay (and the Katy Cats of course) took to her social media accounts to post a singular snake emoji 🐍, and we can only guess that whatever is about to hit us is in direct retaliation to that.

Fans across the world start to build theories from the tiniest of moves (and I have to admit that guessing why exactly Taylor has re-followed her back up singer Clare on Instagram while the rest of her friends, family, and fans remain unfollowed, is kind of fun), and this is exactly the way Taylor has always loved it. Leaving clues for her fans is what creates the suspense and the build up to whatever she has planned next, and whatever that may be, I only hope (and deep down already know) that it will be truly brilliant.

I can’t wait to see what she has to show the world next.

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