A few days ago, Speakeasy faves Openside dropped their latest single, less than a year after the release of their debut EP Push Back. On face value, I Feel Nothing is a track that broaches a certain level of one-sided affection and the kinds of things we do in order to forget the pain of that, such as taking drugs or just getting hella drunk. It’s a dance track, for sure, and it’s absolutely brilliant blasting from your headphones, but the video seems to add another layer to the track that is open to interpretation.

Aside from the stark white attire, their adorable (and dorky) desert dancing, and the freaking elephants, what stands out the most is the way the band walks through the desert with Possum leading them as they proudly carry the transgender flag. While at first I couldn’t seem to find any correlation between a song about unrequited love and Possum’s identity as a non-binary person, I considered the fact that perhaps it was exactly that which fundamentally caused the issues in this relationship, and this addition to the video could be symbolic of Possum being proud of who they are and throwing their middle finger up at anyone who has an issue with it. Assuming this theory is anywhere close to being accurate, this would be a huge step for someone who once wrote the lyrics to Letting It Out, in which Possum endlessly questions themself and their identity. And I guess, even if it is just there for the hell of it and I’ve totally overthought this, why the fuck not spark a conversation about transgender people? We should always be advocating for the things we believe in, and the oppressions we face as human beings, and Openside has every right to do this. Even in a song about unrequited feelings.

I Feel Nothing makes me want to jam forever and I’m already psyching myself up to scream the lyrics back as the band goes from supporting others to being supported – something that is totally imminent following this banger of a track.

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