Tonight Alive are back, baby!

The Aussie band may have evaded our shores in terms of touring for the past few years, but they certainly haven’t evaded our hearts, and now they have returned with their latest single Temple, taken from their upcoming album Underworld, due out in January.

The track sounds a lot more like the band’s early stuff, kicking off with a guitar riff as heavy as Tonight Alive have ever gone, and the lyrics reach right into front woman Jenna McDougall’s pain and depression. The band isn’t known for straying from intimate themes such as this, but somehow Temple hits even harder than their previous stuff. Perhaps it’s the repetitiveness of the chorus, which instead of feeling tedious, simply forces the listener to think even harder about what Jenna is asking:

“If my body is a temple, tell me why it hurts like hell”

If you were one of the many that felt a bit deflated after the release of 2016’s Limitless, then buckle up and get ready to jump right back on the Tonight Alive train, where you’ll ride it right to the end of the line. This track is sick. It makes you angry, it gets you worked up, and most importantly, it makes you want to do something.

The new track, sadly, comes with the news that guitarist Whakaio is leaving the band to focus on more studio-based work, but both the band and Whakaio will no doubt go on to continue to be just as successful apart as they were together.

Let’s all cross our fingers for a New Zealand tour this album cycle (finally). As for me, I’ll be checking them out in London next March 👀

Watch the video and get all the pre-order details below.

Pre-order Underworld here. Out January 12th.

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