If you’ve been paying close attention to the music industry lately, you’ll no doubt have fallen head over heels with sister duo DUNES – comprised of Jamie and Tessa McDell – just as we have.

I love them so much.

In fact, I’m very pleased that no one was around to hear the inhuman noise that came out of my mouth when they posted what appeared to be a track list this week, and now we finally have all the information that goes along with it. YAY.

Jamie and Tessa’s voices fit so beautifully together, and combining that with their opposing yet complimentary influences has made for some of my favourite songwriting of 2017. On February 9, 2018, that 11 item list will turn into physical tracks for us to feast our ears on in the form of DUNES‘ debut, self-titled album. Based on Horses and Hard, they’ll be tracks that incite a million different emotions, they’ll have us covered head-to-toe in goose bumps, and, most importantly, they’ll have us dancing wildly in fields of gold.

We’ve already been given a small insight into the story behind DUNES, but their autobiographical lyrics have indicated that the upcoming album might peel back even more layers of the duo’s lives. I, for one, am really freaking excited to see what they’ve got in store for us.

Pre-order the album on iTunes so you’re ready to jam the moment it comes out and check out a gorgeous acoustic version of Hard below to keep your impatience at bay!

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