It feels like we’ve been waiting a lifetime for the gorgeous Kesha to grace our shores, and this April the wait will finally be over.

After an ongoing legal battle with ex-producer (and total douche nozzle) Dr. Luke, it felt as though Kesha would never release music again, let alone embark on a world tour.

And yet justice prevailed, and Kesha’s sexual abuser lost the case, leaving Kesha to return to the music scene in full force, releasing the greatest, and most real album of her career thus far. Rainbow is a story of pushing through pain, and coming out the other side stronger and more triumphant than ever. She’s one badass lady and the album reflects this flawlessly.

Kesha will be heading over to our wee island to promote Rainbow at Auckland’s Trusts Arena on April 2nd, bringing all the colour and glitter she’s been known for since the start of her career, only this time with none of the baggage or binding contracts that held her back during her Tik Tok days.

I, for one, feel incredibly blessed that the day has finally come that Kesha Rose will be gracing our shores, and implore you all to join me in celebrating womanhood, justice, and the end of abuse of power in the music industry.

Sign up here by December 12th for exclusive access to pre-sale tickets starting 9am December 13th.

General sale starts 9am December 14th from Select Touring*.

**All tickets are $99.90 (+bf).

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