It’s only been a little over a year, but it’s felt like so much longer since Panic! at the Disco visited our little country down under in support of their 2016 album Death of a Bachelor.

It’s not unusual for there to be at least 2 years between albums for most artists these days, but somehow the drought that followed the band’s Vector (now Spark) Arena show has felt significantly longer than usual.

Which is why when Panic!’s social media accounts started hinting at something new in the form of 2 surprise shows across America, fans were – naturally – extremely excited.

Finally, today, New Zealand woke up to 2 brand new tracks, an album announcement for the band’s 6th studio album, Pray For the Wicked. You can already order some seriously cool pre-order packages (some of which include incense and a candle because why the heck not?) that are available for an insanely reasonable price.

“After being away in New York for months doing Kinky Boots, I just wanted to hang out at home when I got back to LA. I was so revved up that I asked some friends to come over to my home studio to help me write about all the incredible things I’ve experienced the last couple of years. Pray For the Wicked is my ‘thank you’ to our fans and the most fun I’ve ever had making album.”

Say Amen (Saturday Night) is accompanied by a very sexy horror story inspired music video, which tells a story of a highly sought after skeleton key. The track feels reminiscent of the band’s 3rd album, Vices and Virtues, while the other, (Fuck a) Silver Lining is unlike anything we’ve heard before from the band, highlighting the fact that really we still have no idea what’s to come.

Check out the video for Say Amen (Saturday Night) below, and listen to (Fuck a) Silver Lining here.


(Fuck A) Silver Lining

Say Amen (Saturday Night)

Hey Look Ma, I Made It

High Hopes

Roaring 20s

Dancing’s Not A Crime

One Of The Drunks

The Overpass

King Of The Clouds

Old Fashioned

Dying In LA

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