Kiwi queen of everything is finally back with new music and we are loving it.

The track Bye Bye showcases monumental growth in terms of production while maintaining Theia’s (aka Em Haley-Walker) incredibly strong personality.

“It’s written from the perspective of the underdog. It’s a big finger up at the doubters and the haters.”

Theia defines female strength in this sassy track, cementing the fact that her massive achievements over the past year or so have all been down to her own talent and determination.

Being taken seriously in the music industry can be difficult, especially now with so many new artists sharing music every day. It’s sad to know that someone with so much charisma and flair has had to fight for that right but Bye Bye only highlights Theia’s strength and motivation to continue to grow, while inspiring others to do the same and fight for the recognition they deserve.

Bye Bye was written over a year ago in Australia with US producer Mike Elizondo, who has previously collaborated with Eminem and Dr Dre, and the experience and professionalism shines through with every second of the track, only enhanced by the production skills of LA based Tony Buchen.

“It was a dream to work with Mike. That big rolling bass is him playing live in the studio. He gave the track its beating heart and then Tony came on board as producer. I love Tony’s passion for his craft and the attention to detail in everything he does.”

I’ve said it before, but Theia isn’t going to stay NZ’s secret for long. With her most popular track Roam having over 12 million streams on Spotify alone, it’s only a matter of time before she completely blows up and takes the world by storm.

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