Good Boy have been taking Australia by storm for a few years now. Now, they’re finally about to embark on their first trip to New Zealand as a band to show us exactly why they have been so successful across the ditch as they support good friends, Hockey Dad, on their national tour.

The band was formed out of friendship, with Tom and Rian being friends for 11 years and having a long history of jamming together on guitar and bass before Rian started playing in another band with their drummer, Stu.

“Drummers come far and few between, especially really good ones so, um he was the obvious choice and that’s how it began.”

As for the name, it stemmed from finding hilarity in the way Tom’s mum fussed over him, highlighting the fact that the band doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

“Tom’s mum always used to say, ‘aw Tommy you’re such a good boy, you’re such a good boy Tommy’ um which we all found pretty funny so”

This laid back vibe also goes beyond just their name too, as the guys came together without ambition, only writing and playing music with the intention of having fun together. While this goal remains the same years later, Good Boy have seen unprecedented success in Australia, finding themselves on Triple J’s playlist shortly after writing and releasing their first track. Following this, the band simple “forced” themselves to keep doing it while ensuring it was because they wanted to, not because they were expected to.

“I mean we’ve only really done this, um, up until this point for fun and still just for fun so like you know, if we feel like writing music we’ll write music and hopefully you know, we’re in a position to record and release it and hopefully people like it. If they don’t, then that’s cool too. So like, I mean we try not to think too much at all about the like, ‘Oh hopefully it does really well on Triple J’, you know like, yeah we never really do anything with that goal or aim in mind.”

That’s not to say though, that their success hasn’t allowed Good Boy to live out some incredible experiences, from supporting bands like British India across Australia, to playing one of the biggest Aussie festivals, Splendour in the Grass, the band has done some incredibly cool things during their time as a band. Bassist Rian insists that the band are “a pretty tame crew so like, nothing really happens”, a claim I’m not sure I completely believe based on the huge tours they’ve had the chance to embark on.

Perhaps Rian’s nonchalance surrounding the band’s experiences stems from how difficult he finds touring, something that the band have been doing quite extensively for some time now.

“Personally I can’t stand it cause it makes it hard to get a job and like pay rent.”

This is something a lot of new bands have to contend with as they become popular enough to tour, but haven’t quite reached that stage in the industry where money is no longer something they have to worry about. It’s a stressful profession, as is any art, but the band members each have their way of countering the difficulty that comes with touring so often. Rian can often be found reading, while Tom and Stu can be found constantly tagging themselves in memes – something Rian manages to avoid.

“I guess since we are going on tour with Hockey Dad like every single day I see Tom tag Zach – the front man – um every single day I see them tagging each other in memes it’s great.”

Rian describes Hockey Dad as being “2 very funny men”, a claim that comes with a fair bit of context since the 2 bands have been good friends for a couple of years now. It was a friendship born from playing 20 or so dates across Australia together with Grinspoon, during which they bonded and got to know each other exceptionally well, and one which led to the decision to travel New Zealand together this April.

For Good Boy, this will be their first trip to NZ as a band but Rian has his visited the country before and (understandably) “can’t wait to be back” to visit new towns and see new sights.

I’ve never been to Dunedin, I’ve always heard um they have quite a vibrant like guitar band culture there.”

While time on this tour is limited, we can hope that the band will be back soon – perhaps as headliners – to play shows and spend time in Rotorua (a place Rian loves despite the smell, “yeah I’m a weirdo I’m into that sort of thing”) or the Bay of Plenty (“I’ve heard that’s very nice too”). 

Until then, you can catch Good Boy with Hockey Dad in Tauranga and Raglan. Both Auckland and Wellington are sold out!


Whammy Bar, Auckland – Wednesday 4th April

Meow, Wellington – Thursday 5th April

Totara St., Tauranga – Friday 6th April

The Yot Club, Raglan – Saturday 7th April

Remaining tickets available from Under The Radar

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