New Zealand has often heralded itself as a slice of clean, green, utopia out in the pacific ocean but like it or not, the ungodly amount of disposable plastic that we Kiwis dump into landfills is threatening our planet’s survival. From poisoning and injuring marine life to disrupting human hormones, from littering our beautiful beaches and landscapes to clogging our streams and landfills – it’s a big deal.

With this in mind, Kiwi burger joint Better Burger has decided to practice what they preach this Earth Day (which takes place on the 22th of April) by creating packaging that you can eat alongside your beef and bun.

Better Burger is challenging its burger-loving customers that pop into its Mt Eden store this Sunday to do their bit to save the planet by refraining from unwrapping their burger packages and chow down, wrapper and all on their unquestionably delicious burgers. Their Earth Day wrappers are made from potato starch wafer paper (it tastes better than it sounds) so are perfectly fit for human consumption. The logos have also been applied with edible ink (neat isn’t it?).

If you’re still on the fence, anyone who does their bit by buying an Earth Day edible wrapper burger will get free fries. The promo is available at the Mt Eden restaurant from 11am – 1pm. There are 500 available.

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