Words by Laura Roberts and Jesse Knight

Through the beautiful symbolism of personified octopi and squished pink buns Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore taught us about the importance of discussing issues from two different points of view.

With this in mind, the remainder of this review will be split into a male and female view of Two Hearts: Restart The Hearts

The Female View:

I’ll admit I had no idea what 2 hearts was before walking into the loft at Q theatre so I was surprised to find out that we had signed ourselves up for a comedic pop concert.

The first thing I’d like to note is that despite the comedic element of the show, Laura Daniel is an impressive singer and can dance better than I think I can after too many g&ts.

The show itself was based around Laura and Joseph’s relationship, interlinking pop songs with impressively entertaining back up dancers, confetti guns and bubble machines.

The relatable, slightly edgy songs and unnecessary audience engagement had me laughing throughout most of the show. The only criticism I have is that I wish the octopus was featured more! (Does anyone know where to get an octopus costume from?…Asking for a friend)

If you enjoy puns, relatable musical comedy and sea creatures, I would definitely recommend Two Hearts.

The Male View:

This provocative yet hilarious piece was an absolute banger. From the get go Daniel and Moore had the audience in the palm of their hand.

The show artfully juxtaposed the trivial arguments with some of the deep seated issues society is challenged by today.

The scantily clad dancers challenged my pre-conceptions of gender-norms. At first I was slightly off put by the lack clothing worn by the male dancer, only to note that the female dancers were just the same yet I didn’t have the same instinctive reaction. This consistent challenge to societal norms continued throughout the show with Daniel and Moore’s fearlessly confronting some of society’s taboos in the most hilarious way.

The show left me on the right side of nearly wetting my pants. It’s is an absolute must see for the Comedy Festival, just don’t bring your slightly racist and homophobic grandma.


What: Two Hearts: Restart The Hearts

Who: Laura Daniel X Joseph Moore

Where: Loft at Q Theatre

When: 15-19 May

Facebook – /twoheartsnz

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