As a die hard Snort fan, (not cocaine, the improv show) I couldn’t wait to see Alice Snedden, a regular Snort improv artist. In the usual place where all Snort performers seem to gravitate, we were tightly packed, elbow to elbow, in the shadowy depths of the Basement Theatre.

Over the last few years Snedden has become one of the mainstays in the Kiwi comedy circuit thanks to her quick wit and captivating presence – whether it’s as part of an ensemble in Snort, the comedy podcast “Boners of the Heart” which she co-hosts with Rose Matafeo, or her stand-up.

It’s no surprise that Alice has been nominated for a Billy T award – her relentlessly honest and relatable humour is totally inspiring to watch. Everything from the way she handled the audience (through a long-running gag that saw her re-running her opening spectacle of music lights and entrance each time a late comer arrived), to her ability to spin an entertaining yarn about everything from the seemingly trivial uber ratings, to the downright bizarre urge to have sex with overweight Dads.

The evening consisted of stories from Alice’s life, with unapologetic strokes of feminism weaved into the mix. Alice is the sort of person who you feel you’ve really got to know after hearing a yarn or two, and luckily for us we had a whole hour of it.

From high school hierarchies to embarrassing parental activities, the whole audience was pretty much crying with laughter. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was bewildered when Alice admitted that in her primary school years she was three times as confident – it seemed humanly impossible.

This brought her to the finale of her show, and my personal highlight. She mentioned that in her peek of school stardom she entered a school talent quest where she twirled flower sticks (or devil sticks) to her favourite Michael Jackson song and didn’t give a damn if no one else wanted to see it.

And yes ladies and gentlemen that is how she closed her Self-titled: Volume II show. If you don’t like comedy, you hate feminism and you’re a right wing conservative, you’ll still get your money’s worth at this comedy show for those flower sticks.


What: Alice Snedden Self-titled: Volume II

Who: Alice Snedden

When: 16th May

Where: The Basement Theare

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