Q Theatre kicked off its seventh annual MATCHBOX season with the first of five works to be showcased for 2018, Yorick!. A performance created in association with Wellington’s Binge Culture, who have created a reputation for imaginative and boundary breaking works that often take place in unconventional spaces outside of the theatre.

The group of creatives behind Yorick! began piecing together this show a whopping 3 years ago, each with the common goal to create a performance that reflected thoughts and ideas around death and mortality. Over such a long amount of time and with so many minds traveling down different creative paths, the end result proved to be more of a mashup of concepts and snapshots of the core themes, rather than a single story that drew upon the array of ideas.

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I went along to the opening night of Yorick! with a very basic understanding of the Shakespeare’s Hamlet; from which the character Yorick (a court jester’s skull) draws the inspiration for this performance. I’m not sure if studying the sequence of events according to the original acts would have served a helpful purpose in deducing how each scene related to the previous but I’ll just trust that those who are fans of the shakespearean script felt more connected to each reference. Hamlet fans, this is a show for you.

Although I felt a little befuddled whilst trying to understand the flow of Yorick! as a whole, I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the individual performers themselves. Rachel Baker, Isobel Mackinnon, and Freya Finch had a absolutely captivating performances enabling Yorick! to allow a true showcase of their far reaching talents. With the help of supporting musician Oliver Delvin who also dabbled in the spotlight from time to time.  

Photo credit: Andi Crown Photography

Each individual scene was a masterpiece in itself, however for me personally I was almost distracted from each wonderfully weird and outrageous dose of unique performance whilst trying to connect the storyline and characters and link the scenes somewhat to the same universe of narrative. But despite my confusion, I had a whole lot of fun being a part of the creative spectacle.

To help paint an emotional image of this performance, you know when it’s 3am and you’ve spiralled a youtube blackhole conspiracy theory clips, and you find yourself questioning the earth’s existence? That sort of sums up just one of the scenes in Yorick!. If you crave that feeling at 7:30pm with a glass of wine on a night out, then go ahead and buy your ticket now.


What: Yorick!

Who: Joel Baxendale, Isobel MacKinnon, Rachel Baker, Oliver Devlin, Melanie Hamilton, Meg Rollandi, Freya Finch, Rachel Marlow

When: 13th June 2018

Where: Q Theatre’s Loft, as part of their MATCHBOX 2018 Season

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