Shortly before midnight, links started appearing on Twitter, posted by fans who stumbled across new uploads on the twenty one pilots YouTube account.

As it turns out, the band had dropped two new songs and a music video and announced the name of their upcoming album – Trench. Oh, and they just happen to be playing Auckland’s Spark Arena in December too as part of The Bandito Tour. Merry freakin’ Christmas, Clique!

Our fave Fueled By Ramen duo have been sending us clues since April, keeping us waiting for new music for far too long, but it’s finally here and it. is. MAGNIFICENT.

Red has been replaced by yellow, beanies and balaclavas have been replaced by jumpsuits, and Blurryface now appears to be riding a horse?

As always with tøp, there’s bound to be a story, but until we get to the next chapter, check out the video for Jumpsuit, and the visual video for Nico and the Niners below.

Take it in. Shit’s about to get real.



All tour details can be found here. Pre-sale July 18th and general sale July 20th.

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