The term ‘zenith’ refers to an imaginary point in the sky or celestial sphere directly above an observer. The ideas behind of the mechanism of observation is manipulated and brought to life in the opening night of Sightings at Q Theatre on the 24th July.

The audience is introduced to three bold, unique and powerful young women, whose characters are played by the incredibly talented; Akinehi Munroe, Celeste De-Freitas and Ebony Andrew. Their booming energy immediately captivated the room. The astonishing craft of captivation  was reflected by every single one of the performers including supporting actresses Georgia Menhennet and Melanie Thackankary whose roles are a fundamental key to the theme of observation. They support the narrative with scenes that gradually paint a more contextual background to allow us crucial insights into our main characters and their tender and personal journeys.

Sightings is a nonlinear amalgamation of stories centered around three friends as they help one another cope with the complexities of tarnished relationships with family. A human’s first ever bond and arguably the strongest to remain across our entire lives from before birth to after death, is that with our mother. Sightings explores the warmth and beauty of a relationship between mother and daughter, despite the harshest of setbacks. Sightings allows us to observe how these women try make sense of their own identity. Balancing between spiritual connection to the land and the sea surrounding Aotearoa, in contrast to the social normalities of contemporary youth culture that instead places value in intoxicated dancing in nightclubs and hook ups.

I was so impressed with not only the stunning and captivating performance from these women, craftily executed with direction from Kura Forrester and Sam Scott, but the set design requires special mention. For the entirety of the show the stage was covered in a thick layer of black paper confetti which was used by the performers throughout the performance to creative a beautiful and powerful effect to enhance their storytelling or transition the actors between scenes and characters. As a whole, the performance was perfectly executed and a definite must see! 

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