I’ve been loving Theia (or Em-Haley Walker) for a fair while now, not just because every one of her songs is a total bop, but also because she’s always appeared to be so unapologetically herself.

As it turns out, it may have taken her a while to get to a point where she’s able to be present herself as the strong, bad-ass woman that we all see in her, as proven in her latest single, Bad Idea.

The track addresses Em’s history with self-harm, but in a way that leaves you feeling hopeful despite it’s inherently hard hitting nature. It’s all about finding the strength to resist your impulses, and finding it in you to get off the bathroom floor. It’s an incredibly powerful track, as well as actually being really bloody fun.

This is a song I can personally relate to, and as such I feel confident in saying that this is the kind of content that needs putting out into the world. After all, if our gorgeous and strong Theia can go through experiences such as these and come out the other side, then so can I. So can your friends. So can you.

It’s an important message to be sharing with the world, and one that takes a huge amount of bravery to discuss on such a personal level.

Once again, Theia has blown my mind and left me feeling more connected to her than ever.

Check out the gorgeous, vibrant and fun video below, shot in sunny LA.

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