Heralded by Lindsey Jordan, Snail Mail have made an impressive debut with the release of Lush. Launching into Pristine, we are introduced to Jordan’s carefree yet confident vocals, and the romantic notions behind the lyrics, “and I know myself and I’ll never love anyone else / I won’t love anyone else / I’ll never love anyone else” is refreshingly honest and a welcome break from the cynicism that seems to engulf popular culture.

What can be mistakenly interpreted as tepidity is actually a profound self-awareness coupled with Jordan’s candid approach to life, love and everything in between. Contrary to its name, Lush is anything but excessive, as it gives us a chance to get acquainted with Jordan’s vocals. The phenomenal musicianship is a bonus, and reflective of the youthful exuberance of a band that clearly still has a vast territory to explore.

It’s worth noting that Jordan is an example of a young woman who is creating a space for herself in an industry that is transient and overly saturated by grandeur. With Lush—and surely the incoming evolution of Snail Mail—we are gifted with a stripped back version of modern rock. Lush also gives us the opportunity to appreciate romance through the fresh eyes of someone experiencing the depth of love and heartbreak, possibly for the first ‘real’ time (“and I hope the love that you find / swallows you wholly / like you said it might”). Jordan’s open musing and uncertainty demands validation and reminds the listener of the power that lies in the simplistic yet significant epiphanies of adolescence.

In short, it’s incredibly inspiring to hear someone on the cusp of adulthood embrace their vulnerability so fully, and showcase their quirks in such a wonderful way. Jordan makes splendid use of the beauty of artistic expression, which, as she delicately reminds us, gives us the space to accept parts of ourselves we often try to hide away.

Track List
  1. intro
  2. pristine
  3. speaking terms
  4. heat wave
  5. stick
  6. let’s find an out
  7. golden dream
  8. full control
  9. deep sea
  10. anytime

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