Words by Kim Newton, photos by Jesse Knight.

An eclectic mix of sounds streamed through Whammy Bar! on a Friday night. The night, which was a was a celebration of Latinaotearoa‘s latest album; Influencis Et Collabiswas indeed a collaborative event.

While outside it may have been cold, inside the stage was being warmed up by a few of the local posse in preparation for what was about to arrive. Avondale’s finest; Melodownz was a impressive lead-up and set the tone for the night with their ‘mellow’ hip hop sounds.

The main act, which consists of Auckland musician Isaac Aesili, Venezuelan singer Jennifer Zea and Brazilian-born DJ Bobby Brazuka started out with an upbeat first track and the Latin grooves were automatic. It was clear very early on that the Latina vibes were taking effect and that it would be a night full of hip-swaying dance moves.

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The dynamic group were clearly excited for the crowd to hear their latest work, and after playing a collection of Jazzy Latina tunes, the energy from the group continued to grow. A stand out song was San Montuno, which got everyone going, and epitomised what Latinaotearoa is all about; bringing people together.

A great evening had by all, even those who may not remember it too clearly after their pre-sangria.


Artist: Latinaotearoa

Date: Friday August 10th, 2018

Venue: Whammy Bar!, Auckland

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