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I was initially hesitant about going along to a show called “Me and my sister tell each other everything” considering that I don’t have a sister or even a sibling that communicate with beyond ‘what do you want to get Mum for her birthday?’.  I was, however, pleasantly surprised that not only was the show relatable, it also managed to make me laugh out loud and embarrassingly, shed a tear or two.

Emily Campbell (Murph) portrayed an impactfully nuanced character that gave the audience more depth than a just young adult with manic depression. Campbell made it easy to understand why Murph acted the way she did without focusing the entire character around mental illness.

Pheobe Borwick (Jos) vivaciously captured the audience and pulled them out of the more serious scenes with her self-deprecating humour and excellent dance moves.

The most artistic (although slightly annoying) aspect of the play was the simultaneous monologues. At times, it was as if the sisters were in their own show that just happened to be in the same theatre at the same time. They were seeing their own versions of the same events. So much of the tension between them came from the fact that they didn’t communicate their interpretations of shared events and therefore were unable to truly understand each other.

After entering basement theatre unconvinced that this show was for me, I left with a new perspective and a desire to, at the very least, send my brother a facebook message.


Written by: Uther Dean
Directed by: Saraid Cameron
Produced by: Alice Kirker
When: 8:00pm, 11 Sep – 15 Sep
Where: Basement Theatre
Price: $18 – $25. Book here

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