Cohle Harris has just popped up on the NZ music scene and he is definitely someone people should know about. As much as there’s a lot of NZ artists out and about, especially in the hip-hop/rap scene, there are only a few who are consistent and working hard. It looks like Cohle may be one of those hard-working artists that we will be seeing a lot of. But first he is introducing himself to New Zealand and the world.

Cohle Harris is the monicker of Joshua O’Donnell. But in saying that he also sees it as being more than just him “I write all the music and stuff but I think these guys that are in my team are what makes this work, as well as how well we work together. There’s not ego like I’m the main guy. This is OUR thing”.
Some people may also know him as a member of local band Banks Arcade. But music is his passion and he “had the content so he had to do something with it”. Though he’s not just hip hop & rap. “Some of my stuff is electro-pop sort of stuff and some of it is Brockhampton-esque sort of rap, a bit more alternative”. He wants everyone to know how diverse he is and  that if you become a fan of his work then you are “opening yourself up to a lot of different genres and a lot of cool art”. 

His name derives from 2 different elements. Cohle comes from the character Rustin Cohle in the show True Detective. Whereas Harris comes from neuroscientist Sam Harris. “I thought Rustin Cohle was cool but Sam Harris has really influenced me, so I put the 2 together”.  

He just released his debut single ‘Therapy’ along with a video. The track is essentially about a bad trip. The video contrasts him in a heavenly-like place with girls etc but then there’s the reality of the crazy dark parts as well. The colour work in the video is very vibrant and well contrasted in between the different scenes. Cohle definitely commits to the performance of the track in the video as well. With more music to be released over the upcoming months as well as another music video, I think he will be someone to keep an eye on.
To get out there and properly introduce himself Cohle Harris will be doing a 5-date tour, with a live band,  across the North Island. Joining him will be Pharoah Swami and Rich James, as well as a bunch of other special guests at each date.


(with Pharoah Swami & Rich James)

15th November – Wellington – Meow
16th November – New Plymouth – Mayfair
17th November – Palmerston North – The Royal
23rd November – Hamilton – Niagara Lounge
24th November – Auckland – Galatos

Tickets on sale at  

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