“Everything so far has gone quite smoothly”, I congratulated myself last night, shoving the last of my kit into the large drybag I was planning on using as my main pack.

It let out a loud, cringe-inducing rip as the seal between two adjoining layers came undone, leaving a gaping hole in my not-so-waterproof-anymore bag. My frustration was audible.

I happened to have a large duffel stuff bag at home, so I packed everything into that. Wasn’t expecting a Plan B at this point! Reorganising and repacking resulted in a delayed bedtime. I’m in no rush, so I put off leaving by a day, and did absolutely nothing for the first time in two months.

The final form factor on the bike is different to what it would’ve been, but it works. I know it works because I took the bike out to the Riverfire festival. Fireworks and a few EA18 flypasts would be an excellent send off!

On the way to the city, I rode right under the arse of a thunderstorm. The Motoz Tractionator GPS tyres held up alright through a freshly formed lake on the motorway, while I was pelted by bucket sized drops of rain and some hailstones. The weather settled in time for the aerial displays and the rest of the event. Nice job timing the storm, Brisbane Festival organisers!

Now, I was planning on detailing out my kit in this post, and why I placed what where. I was going to explain how I have placed items based on frequency of use, urgency of use, weight, weight distribution, and volume… but I wont.

I’d like to get to bed soon, so I can wake up in a few hours and tell myself “I think I’m going to jump on my motorbike and ride around a continent today”!

So I’m going to just post my checklists below, and over the next few months, I’ll take a photo of my kit here and there, maybe followed by an explanation. It will probably all change anyway, so I might skip the trouble.

Trello is a fantastic app. My original planning board is an absolute shambles even I can only barely make sense of. You can view a cleaner, duplicate board of checklists here. Packing progress pictures and end result on instagram, link below.

There’s rains coming tomorrow, but I’ll shower before I leave home out of habit.


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