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A rush of excitement filled the room as the lights went down and what could have been an angel appeared, guitar in hand and a heavenly light shining down on him. He didn’t say a word before he started playing Call Me If You Need Me which immediately had everyone in attendance singing every lyrics back to him.

That angel was Vance Joy and that was the introduction to the Auckland show of the Nation of Two World Tour.

He then flashed a million dollar smile at the crowd and with the help of his all-male band he began his next song Mess Is Mine. It was only following this that he finally stopped to address the crowd and have a chat, and the already deafening screams became twice as loud when he mentioned his latest album Nation of Two, going on to say he was going to play a few tunes from that album.

The way Vance Joy holds himself on stage goes a long way in showing how happy and grateful he is to be on stage and to be able to share his stories with every single person in the room.

Take Your Time is always a crowd favourite because of the opportunity to sing parts back to him loudly and passionately, something he enjoys with a big grin on his face. The lighting perfectly complimented each song and with the stage glowing red for Fire and The Flood, setting a very fun an appropriately fun vibe for the song.

With his signature ukulele on display, Vance and the band assembled centre stage to play the next few songs acoustically, but before that began we were treated to Storytime with Vance as he told us the meaning of Little Boy, which involved an anecdote about his first time clubbing. Everyone was hanging on his every word, and I could have listened to him talk for ages, but after a while it even looked like his band were mentally saying, “C’mon Vance, lets start the song!”

After an amazing acoustic set, we were graced with Georgia – one of my personal favourites, and I was not disappointed at all. In that moment I felt real joy for music, which goes a long way towards explaining just how incredible Vance is at what he does. He began a cover of All Night Long by Lionel Ritchie which was mashed up effortlessly with Sorry by Justin Bieber and got everyone going crazy!

Then came the hit single Riptide. A rush of cellphones came out and anyone left seated were now on their feet. He finished with Saturday Sun with his ukulele in tow and left the crowd wanting so much more but the band and Vance did their final bow and exited the stage. The energy left on that stage had you feeling so content and I couldn’t fault the entire show one bit. You can tell that he genuinely enjoys the music he writes and loves sharing it with other people of all walks of life.

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