On Friday night, I found myself in The Classic, to watch a stand up comedy premiere, Paul Sinha was presenting his first international solo hour, choosing New Zealand and The Classic, the home of New Zealand comedy as the venue.

This is barely a surprise, considering how often he graces the TV screen of your average kiwi, Sinha appears on the game show The Chase, as the Sinnerman, and is often one of the first things people see when they get home from work. Considering his popularity in New Zealand, it was the logical choice to debut his first international on our fair shores.

I was in the position I’m sure a lot of the audience were in, having only really seen him on The Chase, I was aware that he was a comedian of course, having heard him on Podcasts. From conversations outside The Classic, I gathered that he had a reputation for tight material. So I had an idea of what to expect. But the thing about stand up comedy is, you have to experience it to truly understand it.

Sinha came out to what I can only describe as epic classical music, to the applause of a packed out Classic, the man surely knows how to make an entrance. I was instantly impressed by his use of language, and wordplay, delivering it in an almost poetic rhythm. This was all delivered with such honesty and vulnerability that I found myself instantly charmed.

Throughout the hour Sinha discussed several aspects of his own life, his relationship with his parents, his sexuality and the day to day encounters unique to a quiz based celebrity of his stature. He even threw in some local references that the audience ate right up, showing that making an effort to adapt your material, really earns you points with an Auckland crowd.

Sinha has earned his reputation as a tight joke writer, equally clever and emotionally resonating. Recommended for fans of comedy that is well structured and personal.


What: A Stand Up Comedy NZ Premiere

Who: Paul Sinha


When: 7PM, 4 – 11, 14 – 18 May

Where:  The Classic

When: 7PM, 19 May

Where:  SKYCITY Theatre


When: 7PM, 20 – 25 May

Where:  Te Auaha – Tapere Nui

Weather Prose

As the clouds passed by slowly, aided by the lightest of winds, a relaxed 4km/h, heading South Westerly towards the shore. I reflected on this wondering how well this mildness would last, it is easy to forget the qualities of Autumn weather having to adapted to Summer and Spring, it’s funny how something can happen once a year, yet it’s still easy to forget the experience last time it rolled around.

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