Before I start, let me just state right now, you want to go see James Acaster Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999, if you can get your hands on tickets and you’re a fan of comedy, you will want to get those tickets, because this show was amazing.

The audience was buzzing when I entered Rangitira on Friday Night. Acaster is becoming somewhat of a beloved figure on our shores, as I was in a basically packed out room, and ticket sales have even justified an extra show in a bigger venue.

As I entered, I noticed the stage was lit with incandescent lightbulbs, which did create an ambient and somewhat intimate feel. (I had a lightbulb expert with me who told me they were incandescent, and probably 25W, for those lightbulb nerds out there)

As we sat enjoying the pre-show music I noticed that it was a bit of an eclectic mix, starting with some calm country western, before alternating between relaxed R&B tracks and intense industrial rap and metal. May have been indicitive of the show itself, which often switched gears and tones, almost from the off.

Acaster came on with an energy I was not expecting, having viewed his various tv appearances, watching his innovative and ground breaking Netflix specials, and personally seeing him live a few years ago, I believe I’m firmly aware of his work, but it appeared he was showing a new side to himself.

His performance was filled with bluster, punctuated by his more aggressive style and faux arrogance, although it did still feel like an Acaster performance, the tight punch lines, creative whimsy and masterful timing were all there.

I know it’s a pretentious thing to say, but there were levels to this performance, in addition to the jokes being funny, and the narrative being interesting (about standard for an hour of comedy), but he also provided meta commentary throughout the entire show, something I personally adore when done well.

The show was billed as “his best year of his life, and the worst year of his life.” and is a show about selected event therein. Contrast between his career success, and personal nightmares. He discusses former relationships and life as a famous comedian, while providing commentary on the state of comedy and social media, even touching on politics, with even a few placed jabs at New Zealand.

This was a clearly well thought out show, an experience tailor made to be performed in New Zealand. An experience that could only be seen live, and not the kind of thing you’d see on Netflix or DVD

As I stated at the start of this review, you want to go see James Acaster Lasagne Hate Myself 1999, it is an absolute riot. It is one of the best hours of comedy I have ever seen.


What: Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999

Who: James Acaster


When: 7PM, 3 – 11 May, 8:45PM 11 May

Where:  Rangatira at Q Theatre

Extra show

When: 7PM, 12 May

Where:  SkyCity Theatre


When: 7PM, 14 – 17 May, 5PM & 7PM 18 – 19 May

Where:  Te Auaha – Tapere Nui

Weather Report

The temperature had hit 15 °C at this point in the night, 
and truth be told it was a pretty mild night in terms of weather, Slow winds also, at 11km/h, quite a pleasant night to be out and about. 

Although it is at that point where it’s too cold outside to not wear a coat, but  too hot indoors to wear a coat, a minor inconvenience but still.

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