Watching 7 Days for many years, I’ve always been a big fan of the force of nature that is ex-Pat Saffa Urzila Carlson. Her signature bluntness, realism, and lewd lesbian jokes keep me eager for her fresh content. With her new show, Token African, debuting at the NZ International Comedy Festival show is certainly not a disappointment.

While Carlson admits to her life being somewhat out of touch with the everyday person (International level comedian, Australian ambassador for South African tourism), she does manage to crack a few jokes about the awkward fake friendship you need to make with your kid’s friend’s parents while on play-dates, the dickhead who holds up the flow of school pick up runs, and fighting with your wife. Cue guilty laughs and dark looks between the couples in the crowd.

Of course to the shows namesake, her South African heritage does make up a lot of her content. And the show sees her unpack her tangled identity and what it means to be African. If you have South African roots or any South African friends, you’ll be in stitches as Carlson compares her twenties in Johannesburg to the religious cult that is Hulu’s hit show Handmaids Tale. Corrupt authority, alcoholic violent fathers and murder are all the typical South African stereotypes that she manages to poke fun at.

The close to sell-out pre-festival show is a testament to her popularity. The audience had all ages from uni-age through to a row of grey haired woman sipping wine between snorts of laughter. I think if you’re young at heart, not offended by a bit of swearing, pussy jokes, or a dash of well-targeted racism gags, then this show is one of the must-see’s of the 2019 NZ International Comedy Festival Show.


What: Token African

Who: Urzila Carlson

When: 8.30PM, 3 – 4 May, 25 May

Where:  Q Theatre, Rangatira (3-4 May) & Bruce Mason Theatre (25 May)

Facebook – Urzila Carlson

Twitter – @UrzilaCarlson

Instagram – @UrzilaCarlson

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