There’s this thing about working alongside your ex – it’s somewhat awkward, the tiniest thing rub you the wrong way, and while you try to resist as hard as you may, the two of you will eventually reminisce over the past and eventually end up fighting. Or crying. Or fucking.

Or attempt to break the space-time continuum*

Brynley Stent & Eli Matthewson somehow achieves all of the above with larger-than-life caricatures based on real-world experiences (no shit, they’re actually exes, guys). So it’s a little awkward and all sorts of cringe as they navigate the past, as well as what is, and what might’ve been.

But remember – this is a show, after all, not pure stand-up. Perspectives are important in the narrative, as the “characters” will no doubt show you.

However, there are points where the narrative falls a little flat and somewhat forced. Thankfully, enough comedic high’s exist to even out the low’s. And endearingly, intuitive audiences will no doubt pick up on the obvious affection and love the duo have for each other. Every now and then, the character’s masks slip a little, and it’s the rawness that gives the show some extra “oomph” in the charm department.

As far as a show in a comedy fest goes, Exes is not the type that would induce side-splitting laughter where it hurts to breath and you’re not-so-silently dying in your seat. But it does offer something else.

It offers the hope that not every romance fails so spectacularly either the cops have to be involved, or moving continents is a necessity. And really, it’s how years later, you can not only joke about the past, but sit more-or-less comfortably with each other and occupy the same space, let alone the same room.

And then air some dirty laundry in front a crowd of strangers. Go see it – it’s some damn good fun.


*you’ll understand when you see the show. No, seriously, go watch it tonight.


What: Exes

Who: Brynley Stent & Eli Matthewson

Where: Loft @ Q Theater, 7.15pm Saturday

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