Interview by Heather McMillan. Cheers to Lee Mvvthews to taking the time answer these questions.

Q: Hey guys how’s 2019 treating you? 
A: 2019 has been incredible so far, we’ve managed to tick off some goals and be apart of some really cool events

Q: You seem to have been keeping busy doing a handful of sets around the North and South Island and it’s only April. Are you hoping to keep up the momentum throughout the year? 
A: Yeah we’ve had a good run of shows this year, it’s been a lot of fun playing up and down the country. There’s much more to come as well, we’ll be hitting all of the major cities in the next coming months so hopefully it continues throughout the year!

Q: Congrats on your newest video release of ‘Let Me Go’ ft Embher. What was the creation process for creating such an energetic summer anthem like?
A: Thank you! It was a lot of fun writing that track. We basically wanted to make a song that would be good to chuck on during a summer roadtrip or something like that. We actually had the idea for the track about this time last year and sat on it while we worked on other music. So when it was time to properly finish it off, it was cool to come back to it with a fresh approach, and we managed to rework the ‘drop’ and come up with something that sounded better than we originally had.

Q: The video is definitely an overview of many young Kiwi’s summer, almost like a video diary of summer memories. Was the setting key to letting the track create the type of energy you wanted or was it more to highlight the goodness of letting go? 
A: The setting was key to creating the energy and atmosphere that we wanted in the video. As we wanted the song to be a bit of a summer anthem, we thought it was only right to have it reflect what most young Kiwis get up to over that time.

Q: What’s the number one thing you guys have learnt since beginning as a Bass music duo?
A: There’s a lot we’ve learned over the past few years, if you are thinking about forming a duo, there’s a lot of pros to it but you’ve got to make sure that you communicate everything and are 100% happy with every decision, whether that’s to do with your music, marketing or shows, you’ve got to be on the same page.

Q: How’s the New Zealand Bass scene comparatively to International. What makes local music stand out for you? 
A: The local music scene is actually really good at the moment, we’re blessed with having so many talented artists coming through. Whether that’s the established artists like The Upbeats and Mt Eden to your up and comers like Ian Munro and Bad Manners, there’s so many people making waves locally and internationally. In terms of shows, there are a handful of promoters who are responsible for bringing some of the biggest artists in the world to our doorstep, the likes of WeMouve, Audiology, Red Rum Touring, etc. these guys are really raising the bar for events in New Zealand.

Q: Where do the ideas come from to create such energetic sound?
A: It depends, but generally one of us will get started on an idea and send it over to the other to see what they think of it, from there we’ll link up at the studio and just work at it until we are both happy with the sound.
We’re very conscious of how the song is going to come across at a show or on air so we try to step back and think about what we can add to give it more punch

Q: What piece of advice do you wish you were given before forming your duo in late 2013? 
A: Party less, produce more.

Q: Whose name would you love as a featuring artist on one of your tracks both locally and internationally? 
A: That is a long list of names, but at the top it would have to be Skrillex. Since landing on the scene he transformed the sound of dance music and I think it would be incredible to be in the studio together.
Locally, we’d love to work with QUIX again, he’s been one of our mates for a number of years and we’re always so proud to see what he’s doing so would be good to work on something together in the future!

Q: How important is it to you guys that the voice and lyrics suit the sound of the track? 
A: It’s very important, everything needs to suit the style of the track or it doesn’t feel quite right. We’ve run into that in the past when working with a vocalist, the first demo we wrote just didn’t fit with her voice, it was a cool track and we used it for something else but it just felt like it was too much of a contrast.
We ended up rewriting it and we’re so glad that we took the extra time to make something that matched her voice.

Q: Cheers for your time and all the best for the future! 
A: Our pleasure, was fun chatting with you guys! Thank you.

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