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It’s 2019, Measles are back, people are playing Minecraft again and it seems like everyone is giving their opinions about matters they are unqualified for. Which is why an unfunny and unqualified university student is reviewing an actual professional comedian.

And because it’s still 2019 I brought along my boyfriend, so we could get the straight white male opinion, that is so often missing from comedy shows.

Reece’s show focuses on love, life and the people and experiences that make us who we are.  He won the crowd over quickly and had everyone laughing straight from the get-go. Some welcoming banter in his crowd-work makes for a unique and interactive show, though you might want to hide at the back if you fear social interaction with strangers. However, his style of comedy is friendly and light-hearted so don’t be too scared. He probably won’t insult you.

He connects easily with audiences, creating running jokes throughout the set that left you with the impression you were having a banter some mates. You even almost felt like you knew the people in the room with you.

An excellent story teller, recalling tales of debauchery with light hearted fun antics and a real ability to make you feel present in his stories. The show followed a cohesive plotline, with anecdotes that were both totally ridiculous yet completely relatable.

However, a few UK colloquialisms were lost on the New Zealand audience and I did spend some time after the show googling English slang. 

Five stars for a quality show and one extra star for the miming. His next show is on Tuesday and I would thoroughly recommend checking it out.

“Very entertaining” – the boyfriend.


What: Evermore

Who: Brennan Reece

Where: The Classic

When: May 7th – May 11th, 7.15pm

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