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Blush Juliet off an evening of kiwi music, with soft and humble words to the crowd. As they seem excited, along with slightly nervous as it was their debut show! Despite this was they first time performing for a crowd, they did an amazing job playing each song seamlessly with great banter to fill the silences between the songs. Humble beginnings, can’t wait to see them just get better and better!

Ana Te Kotiro took the stage next in a wash of blue light. Her humour and natural talent slowly filled the room as she layered sounds using a loop machine. The crowd swaying in awe, with a few soap friends screaming out positive and supportive comments throughout her set. Although Ana didn’t have her guitar with her, as “can’t play my guitar because I have acrylics” i really couldn’t imagine her adding the instrument into the mix as her beautiful vocals were stunning on their own. She lightened the mood between tracks, cracking hilarious banter, after all “it’s yolo week at Whammy.” If you haven’t heard of Ana Te Kotiro, check her out here and listen to her art because it’s truly something beautiful.

With sparkly earrings catching the lit stage of Whammy, being. was next up. Strumming on possibility the cleanest white electric guitar I’ve ever seen, her vocals were and presented with such passion. In the middle of the set Jasmine recited a poem; which was raw and pleasant surprised that tied in with her performance perfectly. If being. isn’t added to 2020’s Laneway lineup I’ll be extremely surprised and disappointed, because being. belongs on that stage between the trees.

The south Auckland duo, carb on carb, started their set with some oldies but goodies to get the crowd warmed up; although it didn’t take much as it was clear the crowd had been patiently waiting for the headliner of the night. Nicole, vocals and guitar, filled the silence between each song with many thank yous’ to all the bands and artists that played before them as well as the audience for coming along. All the celebration of their latest music, for ‘Annual Leave’ which was released earlier in the week, watch the video here. They performed like legends, and I just know they’ll will wow the crowds in Japan like they wow’ed us at Whammy.

Blush Juliet

Ana Te Kotiro


carb on carb

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