Words by Michelle Hopson

After a short hiatus (holiday in New York) Kiwi comedian Guy Williams made his self-proclaimed “come back” last night, with his first show of the Comedy Festival.

The show was well crafted, kicking off with an introduction to the Heckler Brick, literally a brick….. and gave us all a fair warning that any heckler would be DESTROYED. Then using some adept humourous spins, Guy took the audience through some of his own views on worldly events, featuring racism, Hollywood perverts and the Michael Jackson saga, all the while giving you an insight into how the world looks through the eyes of a privileged white Guy.

As Guy tested the waters with his material there were a couple of dips through the show but he valiantly brought it back up and the audience were again quickly delighted with the next bought of laughter.

Guy shares anecdotes of his family including some well-intended emails from his Mum which had the audience in fits of laughter as well as including some classic self-deprecating lines about himself, to balance things out.

And after a slightly painful technical interlude Guy finished the act off with a hilarious inquiry into the Cat Stevens song “Old School Yard”, ending the act on a good note.

The show was entertaining and if you haven’t seen his show already this is definitely one to mark on your Comedy Festival to do list.

So did the Heckler Brick work? Well, I’d say it did or Guy just got lucky with a very well behaved audience.


What: Full Head Of Steam

Who: Guy Williams

When: 10PM, 3 – 4 May

Where:  Q Theatre, Loft


Twitter – @guywilliamsguy

Instagram – @guywilliamsguy

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