Look before I start, let me just say, I understand that advertising is just a part of our lives now. Before smart phones the ads meant it was time to make a cup of tea, or nip to the loo. There was even a time when the ads were a time to look at your phone till your tv show came back on, but those days are for sure long gone.

Which is fine, the purpose of this article is not to bash the advertising model, in principle I’m fine with it, content producers put ads on content, ads pay for more content to be made. There are flaws to this system, and there are other models that exist, but in principle this model is fine, and in common usage. (Unless you’re Sky, who likes to have its cake and eat it too, and are probably a key reason people have abandoned traditional media on mass)

My quibble today is the specific content within these ads that irk me. While I may have accepted the purpose of advertising, that doesn’t mean it’s not an inconvenience, especially when all I’m trying to do is play solitaire on my phone while listening to Pink Floyd, and there are things in particular that annoy me in particular.

Like when they refer to the product in a way that no one would actually say, like in a recent ad, in which a care home nurse asked an old man if he would like a “Coca Cola No Sugar.” Why are you calling it that? No one calls it that! Everyone calls it Coke; you even call it Coke on your own product ‘Diet Coke’. But it’s fine, you needed to mention the product somewhere in the advert, it’s not as if the name is on the bottle, or on a graphic at the end of the advert, and plastered throughout the advert itself.

Are they doing it to make the advert memorable, so that it sticks in the subconscious, or is it supposed to create a water cooler moment? “Hey Rick, did you see that ‘Coca Cola No Sugar’ advert last night during Big Bang Theory, god we are so basic!” To be fair, I suspect I’m not the target market, but I don’t know what company has pedants as their target market, red pens I suppose…

I also notice that app makers have gotten on the advertising game too, which makes sense, of course if someone is playing a game on their smart phone, they’re going to want to download more games. Once again this is fine in principle; it’s just the content that annoys me.

Because they make their games look really fun, “Oh it’s a game where you’re in prison, and you have to spell words, to give yourself the tools to escape perilous situations.” Then you download it and the perilous situations are scaled back, and the story is far less compelling than advertised. (It even gets to the point where you actually escape, and it’s just a guy standing on a beach for the rest of the game)

“Oooh a game where you have to quickly salvage a garden that needs fixing.” Then you download it and it’s just another match 3 game, just with a garden theme.

I get that this is a minor thing, and if I wanted to avoid them I could just turn my phone off from the network, but I’m not anti-advertising, just advertising that is bad at making me forget it’s an inconvenience. Leisure time is important, and should be free from aggravation, or people trying to coerce you into subscribing to premium by annoying you.

Maybe it’s just me?

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