Review by Grace Chua

Best newcomer nominee for the 2017 Edinburgh festival (for her show Lady Muck), Lauren Pattinson has made her way for the second time to the Auckland Comedy Festival with a new show “Peachy”. 

“Peachy” seemed rather telling what the comedy would be about and would suggest a huge improvement to her emotional state since the last show. From previous shows, it appears her comedy was more about break ups. This time, life seems to be upbeat for her and her dreams of being the “Taylor Swift” of comedy has now taken a different turn. Three things which has made her happy would be that for one, she has fallen in love, managed to land an all expense paid trip all over the world and learned to do a press up.

Lauren is upbeat, she’s excited, she’s also skeptical when it comes to boys. She is open with sharing her failed dating history; from awkward dates with fans, to people fixated on her accent – Lauren has seemed to experience it all.

She also devotes a lot of her time to discussions of the “class system” in the UK. Gaining a lot of comedic mileage out of her working class upbringing and family.

Now in her mid 20’s, Lauren talks about her mum constantly challenging her on adulthood and the need look after herself better. Relatable comedy wonderfully delivered.

Lauren is a comedian who has grown leaps and bounds as a performer since her early days on the UK circuit, and her assured performance more than justifies her label as one-to-watch at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

Her comedy is raw, relatable, and left the audience in stitches thoughout. I would recommend “Peachy” to anyone wants to hear raw comedy about a 25-year-old struggling to go through adulting, who is not ashamed of celebrating failure and successes, and who wants to enjoy a personal story of being happy for now.


What: Peachy

Who: Lauren Pattinson

When: 4-11 May

Where: The Classic

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